Audi TT-RS rtpX1 from Revo Technik

Revo Technik have just released some details of one of the prototypes of their upcoming RT models, the TTRS RTPX1 Prototype based on the Audi TT-RS.

The TTRS RTPX1 is equipped with RT Turbo kit, Revo stage 3 software, Cold air intake, twin diverter valve, turbo back exhaust, forge intercooler kit and competition brake kit.

Audi TT-RS rtpX1

The RT range will be launched at the Revo Technik sponsored Gti International on the 25th to 26th June 2011.

The RT range will be the pinnacle of the Revo Technik Upgrade path. Revo Technik give you the opportunity to take a Stock car and make it into the purest driving machine. The RT model represents the ultimate package, a new range of Stage Packages have been created leading you to the RT model status.

revo Audi TT-RS rtpX1

Audi TT-RS rtpX1


Each Stage Package hardware components will be matched to Revo Technik’s world famous ECU tuning software maximising the performance advantage at every step. Further Information on the Stage Packages will be available at and after the Launch.

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