Audi TT RS meets GTR

When the strongest version of the Audi TT, the RS, meets a bundle of pure power called the GTR, it promises to be an interesting comparison. But behind that abbreviation you won’t find a super sportscar from Japan. That would be the GT-R, but in this case it’s the no less exciting forged wheel for the legendary five-cylinder sportsman from Audi.

At 20 inches it fills the wheelarch and impresses from the very first glance. The Cargraphic GTR has five double spokes, with a prominent look accentuated by a cross beam. The textured alloy finish of the wheels for this 340PS TT is plain to see, even when it comes in almost any colour. It looks especially aggressive and suits the car with a black star and an outside rim of highly polished steel.

To keep the weight of the wheel to a minimum, milled out hidden air pockets are employed to maximise the skills of a four-wheel-drive sportscar that accelerates to 100kph (62mph) in just 4,6s. As the wheels are 9×20 inch they can accommodate 255/30 tyres for maximum grip. Yet with the reduced unsprung mass the wheels offer a precise ride that will give you so much joy that you may wish to drive the TT to its Hungarian homeland of Gyor. That’s where much of the car is manufactured, but the wheels are firmly “made in Germany”.

Manufacture: Three-piece alloy forged star, strengthened alloy inner star and high quality steel outside rim.
Fixing points: Fix drilled from 5×108 until 5×130
Dimensions: Available from 7,0 x 19 inch to 12,0 x 22 inch
Load: 775 kg per wheel
Colour: Silver as standard, individual colours with surcharge

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