Audi TT by Oettinger

As opposed to many others, at OETTINGER’s in Friedrichsdorf they have not succumbed to the temptation of overloading the new development of the Audi design star by adding the usual pretentious add-ons with air intakes widely ajar and huge spoiler-works supposed to enhance the impression of sportive power.

Far from it, the people in Friedrichsdorf have restricted themselves to two modest prolongations of the front skirt together with a simple carbon splitter, and lateral sillboards, which rarely ever have so perfectly taken up the line of an Audi. At the stern they content themselves with a rear-skirt insert forming a perfect frame for the (up to 4, if required) rear exhaust pipes of the OETTINGER stainless-steel exhaust systems. In short: The traditional specialists’ aerodynamic package combines a sportive character with unequalled elegance and perfect style.

Particularly from the rear-view mirror the TT’s impression has become much more awe-inspiring through the forward-facing new design. And there is really something behind: Several new aspects of increased performance are responsible that the motor keeps the promise made by the appearance.

The 2.0 T-FSI is upgraded to 235 HP and a torque of 280 lb ft. As usual, also in the course of this development the driving characteristics and a broadly applicable torque were much more important within the specifications than the nominal performance output. Other tuners may play games – OETTINGER stands for true performance.

For those who demand higher performance, the tuning specialist from Hesse offers another impressive kit for the 2.0 T-FSI: Thanks to the new motor mapping, the modified fuel-injection pump, adapted FSI injection nozzles, an enhanced charge-air cooler, and the larger OETTINGER charger – all these together serve to elicit 350 HP and 347 lb ft from the aggregate. The mirror-finished stainless-steel exhaust system with its sports-catalytic converter has its share, of course, just as the new reinforced clutch system and driving disk. Summing up: A valuation of the OETTINGER TT has the following most important figures to show: Acceleration 0 to 100 km/h in 5.6 seconds, and a top speed of about 270 km/h!

An especially adapted stainless-steel threaded gear performs the perfect grip of the new wheel-/tyre combination: The new OETTINGER Type RXX wheel, which celebrated its world premiere mounted on the new OETTINGER-TT in its 20″-version, fitted with the new types: VA 245/30/20 and HA 245/30/20 will also be shown for the first time at the Essen Motor Show (the versions 19″ and 22″ will follow).

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