Audi S4 A46 Style Kit by MS Design

Presented on this year’s Top Marques Monaco event this is the newest tuning package, designed for the Audi S4, namely the A46. The A46 by MS Design convinces with a distinctive design and superior performance, true to the company motto “Visible Superiority”.

The A46 four-wheel-drive brings it to a whopping 460 hp with which he beats the S4 basis by as much as 127 hp. The improved performance is also evident in the sprint to 100km/h. In less than 4.5 seconds the A46 sprints now to 100 and so beats the S4 for more than half a second. But not only in terms of power and acceleration the A46 proves to be even sportier. Also regarding the top speed MS Design offers an improvement. The speedo no longer stops at 250 but now reaches impressive 287 km/h top.


To bring so much power efficient and above all safe on the road the A46 is provided with a specially adapted brake system. The height-adjustable sport suspension and the 8.5 x 20-inch lightweight wheels ensure even in extreme situations a proper traction.


Design and appearance of a car are for MS Design much more than just an extra task. For now 30 years the Austrian company is well known for their special design language, always harmonizing perfectly with the basis. So it is not surprising that the handmade carbon fiber parts nestle to the car as of one piece. Also in terms of the interior the A46 presents itself in a sporty but nevertheless elegant design. The combination of fine leather and ultra suede fits perfectly and completes the A46 to a real eye catcher.


Design, Performance, Emotion in form of the A46 is so far only available direct at MS Design, either as a complete car or in the form of an upgrade to the own S4.

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