Audi S4 3.0 TFSI tuned by MTM

Just on the market, MTM inspires the new high-tech 3.0 TFSI of Audi with more power and driving dynamics. The V6-aggregat in the S models with 333 hp becomes a real athletes heart after the MTM treatment, with this you are also allowed to challenge the bigger RS models with their V8 engines. 430 hp and 515 Nm were measured on the MTM dynamometer.

Beside improved performance MTM also offers for the new S models exhaust systems with different optics (4-pipe, oval, black) and bimoto wheels (19″ and 21″) as well as MTM height adjustable suspensions and MTM brake systems.

For the customer of the new A6 with the 3.0 TFSI power train MTM offers for the first time the M-Cantronic for petrol engines. At the same time not only the increased efficiency of 70 hp is pretty impressive (series 290 hp, MTM about 360 hp) also the power expansion and characteristic.

To make it all clear: driving dynamics and power expansion are on a definite higher level without a complex conversion or reprogramming of the control unit. Assembly and disassembly are possible in short time and with this MTM now offers for commercial used vehicles a tuning solution which can be removed at the end of the leasing time.


Audi S4 3.0 V6 quattro differential
power 430 hp (317 kW)
torque 515 Nm at 4,760 rpm
gear 6-speed manual gearbox
0 – 100 km/h 4.7 sec

MTM improved performance 430 hp (317 kW) -> MTM M-Cantronic (performance)
MTM V-Cantronic – Vmax removal (depends on tyre approval)
MTM exhaust system from cat, 2-pipe-optic (oval, black) with throttle valves
MTM suspension system adjustable in height
MTM brakes 380 x 34 mm (front), granulated, 8 piston caliper

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