Audi S3 by Sportec

With the new Audi S3, Sportec has taken a compact racer under its wing which is already in its standard version a quite agile machine.

The engine, exhaust and chassis components newly tuned by Sportec quicken the Audi in a way to allow a peak speed of 258 km/h while the gained performance excites the appetite to literally devour the tarmac during spontaneous bursts of speed.

The 2.0 L TFSI engine – already ex works a quite powerful one – produces in its standard version 265hp and a torque of 350Nm. Thanks to its turbo technology, the powertrain offers the ideal possibilities to elicit a steady performance peak from the S3 by means of software modifications.

Thus, after having been remodelled by Sportec, the Audi S3 comes up with such remarkable values as 300hp and 410Nm catapulting the S3 to 265 km/h. With respect to the sprint from 0 to100, Sportec indicates some brief 5.1 seconds – almost 1.0 second faster than the serial brother.

Take a look at these figures, and you get an idea of why, to any enthusiastic driver, a trip to the renowned Swiss tuner Sportec is equal to a pilgrimage. With 2300 CHF (1400 Euros), assembly included, this performance boost is still affordable while the optional all-inclusive warranty guarantees the necessary security for everyday use.

The fact that, apart from such sporty genes, environmental awareness and increasing fuel prices were far from being neglected will rejoice the critics – as a matter of fact, the Sportec Audi S3 consumes about the same amount of fuel as the standard version. The marvellous sound is provided by the Sportec stainless steel exhaust system extending from the catalyst.

In order to assure that such powers find their way safely to the tarmac, Sportec offers the exclusive 8.5 x 18 and 8.5 x 19 inch aluminium wheels Mono 10 with 225/40 ZR 18 or 235/35 ZR 19 Pneus. For an extra charge of 7886 CHF (4900 Euros), the Sportec sport brake system’s luxuriant discs will rotate beneath. Uncompromisingly sporty driving characteristics as well as lesser sidewise inclination are assured by the optional coil-over suspension or by the spring set. This will not only improve the dynamics during high speed cornering, but also the visual dynamics.

The finishing touch is added by the aluminium pedals and footrest and the optional Alcantara interior equipment. To ensure that the gears will slide with Swiss precision into their place, Sportec offers a short throw shifter, assembly included – the cherry on top.

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