Audi RS6 Avant Winter Mobile 2014
posted on: Dec 30, 2013 on category: Audi A6

Maybe Jon Olsson need no introduction to most of you. Regular readers of this website are likely already familiar with him as well as his Audi R8 PPI Extreme Winter Razor GTR. He is a renowned freestyle skier, that usually owns camouflaged and roof rack bedecked exotics.


Olsson is sponsored by Audi and his new 2014 winter mobile is the new Audi RS6 Avant. As usual he posted some very nice pictures taken by Oskar Bakker.


Next mods will include a Milltek exhaust and H&R suspension. Also power mods will be expected. Olsson says on his blog that “this truly is the most impressive car I have ever driven, the only car that came close to impress me as much was the Agera R”


Enjoy the pictures and read more about it on Jon’s website


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