Audi RS4 supercharger kit from APR

Following our earlier announcement of the PES Superchager kit for various Audi models, now it’s time to show you the new Stage III Supercharger System for B7 Audi RS 4 from APR.

Producing over 570hp and 510 ft-lbs of torque, APR’s RS4 Stage III propels one of Audi’s most prestigious performance vehicles to new levels of acceleration and performance.

APR claim that their design focussed on fitment, operation and consideration of the long term effects of the power increase and the overall reliability of the vehicle. The result is increased wide open throttle acceleration, and improved daily driving with increased torque and horsepower available at low range of rpm band. Less downshifting for passing and greater rates of acceleration at all points result in a driving characteristic of pure enjoyment in all situations.

APR’s team exposed the test units in a wide range of environmental conditions to develop ECU calibration that utilizes APR’s Stage III hardware. Hot weather, cold weather and everything in between has been considered with multiple prototypes operating in extreme conditions for long periods of time prior to the Stage III release.

APR’s Calibration Team has also developed calibrations specific to the fuel qualities in all areas of the world.

For more information go to APR website

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