Audi RS3 with ABT intercooler and 450 hp

“ABT POWERed”, the new Audi RS3 is rated 430 hp or 316 kW (production car: 367 hp or 270 kW). And this can be made even more sporty and dynamic by employing the innovative ABT POWER S technology, which will upgrade the compact sports car to 450 hp (331 kW) and a torque of 550 Nm (production: 450 Nm). This 24% upgrade is made possible by the specially developed ABT intercooler, among other things. With a 19% larger inflow surface and a 34% larger mesh, intra-engine cooling is improved, knocking reduced and performance kept level – even at high ambient temperatures. An important side-effect is that through the reduced loss of pressure the turbocharger is also pressure-relieved.
The ABT intercooler is affixed at the usual places and can thus be mounted as specified. And it is not only available for “ABTed” cars but also for production RS3s.

abt rs3 intercooler

Needless to say that ABT’s love for sporty details cannot only be told from the engine and its 450 hp but also from other components: the ABT springs, for example, make for a better handling, especially when taking bends. The exhaust system with its four tailpipes with a diameter of 102 mm each and the black-primed fender inserts reveal where this RS3 comes from. It is the latest ABT Sportsline product, the culmination of this 120-year-old innovative company’s work.

abt rs3 interior

If you not only want to be fast in your ABT RS3 but also want it to be a distinct expression of who you are, you should consider the ABT Individual programme. The very fine Alcantara adds to the interior, adorning the door panels, dashboard, glove compartment, centre console, door beads, seat frames and knee triangles. And the trims, centre console frame, seat buckets, seat frame panels or dashboard side panels are made of carbon, thus underscoring the ABT RS3’s sporty character. The ABT start-stop switch cap and the set of floor mats round off the interior.

abt intercooler

ABT Sportsline also has many sport-type wheels available – and ABT wheel spacers. The CR, DR, ER-C, FR wheels and the forged ER-F are available in 19’’ and 20’’. All wheels can be ordered together with the right high-performance tyres. You can even get ABT valve caps. After all, ABT sportsmanship can be found in every detail.

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