Audi R8 by Senner Tuning

Senner Tuning Ingelheim, located near Mainz, Germany, offers for Audi vehicles what they really deserve – finest tuning and unique individualization for Audi R8 4.2 V8 FSI. Super Sport Concept is particularly remarkable for its technique, that has been thoroughly tested by mile-long test distances. At the same time car appearance is of utmost importance.

Super Sport Concept Program consists in uprating, exhaust system modification, body adjustable sport suspension and in special 20″ wheel set.

For those who like power Senner Tuning also offers engine performance tuning. Thanks to new engine management, the use of special sport air filter inserts (double performance air filter kit with frontal inlet for mounting into serial air filter casings) as well as high quality exhaust system of finest high-grade steel with valve control (together with serial exhaust pipes), engine power increases up to 458 hp. At the same time maximum torque reaches breathtaking 470 Nm.

For R8 wheel upgrading Senner Tuning offers rims of special configuration. 9×20″ or 11×20″ diamond/black/polished two-part twin spoke alloy rims are completed by high performance (SportMaxx) 235/30-R-20 or 305/25-R-20 Dunlop tyres respectively. Perfectly tuned sport suspension springs get Audi about 25 mm closer to the asphalt on the front axle and 15 mm on the rear axle.

Super Sport Concept retrofitting including engine performance tuning and wheelwork is available for only 14’900.00 Euros.

Furthermore, Senner Tuning offers other carbon mouldings for inside and outside installation on R8 series vehicles.

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