Audi is sending the R8 LMS out on the piste

Anyone who looks closely at the blazing LED head-lights of the R8 LMS quickly recognises that the steeled aluminium chassis hides more than a normal “sports car”. There are racing genes, which Audi now wishes to activate due to the high demand of people interested in motorsport with an exclusive customer sports range. LMS is the new version for motorsport.

The company from Ingolstadt, Germany, provided the car with over 500 HP and contracted Eibach with the development and delivery of Performance Springs. The family company traditionally enjoys an excellent reputation both on the road and in motorsport. Amongst other things the experts also equip the current DTM vehicles of Audi Sport with special ERS racing springs. The racing version of the Audi R8 LMS corresponds to the pre-series GT3 regulations and can therefore be used in numerous national and international competitions.

As four-wheel drives are not permitted in this class, the car is equipped with rear-wheel drive for the first time. A modified front and a large rear wing provide downforce. Delivery to the first customers is expected from autumn 2009. If you can wait no longer, then the R8 LMS can be enjoyed in action: The first tests in diverse races are planned for the coming season.

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