Audi A8 by Project Kahn

The Audi A8 luxury saloon demonstrates that sportiness can be compatible with common sense as it combines 21-inch F1-X Carbon Fiber Edition wheels, FWD, paragon tinted windows, Audi Space Frame aluminum body and adjustable air suspension all in one and the same car.

The Project Kahn A8 has left all competition on the sidelines when it comes to eco-friendliness. With an all-aluminum body the super saloon is light-weight, an essential element in cutting down emission levels. Add to this Kahn’s electric lowering module, the A8 emits only 199g/km of CO2 from its highly-efficient 2.8-liter gasoline engine, 11g/km lesser than the competition. Consequently, emissions of NOx have also been reduced and particulates is not a problem since the engine is fuelled by gasoline.

The Audi A8 is the most environment friendly luxury vehicle in the market today. It comes with adaptable air-suspension with four-settings allowing the user to customize the car’s setup according to the driving needs. The engine is so quite that road noise is particularly absent. The car can accelerate in 8 seconds to 62 mph from standstill.

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