AmD/Scorpion Exhaust and Remap Package for Audi R8 V8

AmD Tuning, in conjunction with their technical and racing partners, Scorpion Exhausts, have come up with a new tuning package for the Audi R8 4.2 V8. The package includes the latest twin outlet duplex exhaust from Scorpion and a tailor made performance remap designed by AmD to take the advantages of the performance exhaust into account.

This is a case of the final result being more than the sum of the parts. The exhaust alone releases more power (around 5 BHP) and the remap increases power by around 25BHP, but when combined the increased efficiency makes more power than just adding the two individual power increases together.

The exhaust uses all the standard mounting points and existing rear valance. It also provides a weight saving of around 15Kg.

Because the AmD remap has been designed to work with the Scorpion exhaust you can be sure that
everything works with maximum efficiency and without any fault codes being triggered in error.

AmD Tuning also offer FREE FITTING on all Scorpion Exhausts, or if you prefer to buy by mail order and fit it yourself they will offer 10% off and FREE DELIVERY – which can represent a significant saving on a full system. Furthermore if you buy an AmD Tuning performance remap at the same time as a Scorpion Exhaust you can have the remap at HALF the usual retail price!

To follow AmD Tuning on the race circuit or to check availability of exhausts and remaps for your car go to and take advantage of these special offers.

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