Akrapovič release Slip-On exhaust for Audi R8 5.2

Akrapovič’s latest Slip-On Line exhaust muffler is manufactured from selected titanium alloys and features dual Akrapovič-produced high-quality carbon fibre tailpipe surrounds.

As usual, the Slip-On line system is designed to reduce exhaust back pressure and complements the R8’s performance capability with improved throttle response and increase in power and torque output. Of course, the lightweight nature of the all-titanium construction ensures a boost in the R8’s power-to-weight ratio and handling characteristics.

Along with improved performance, the Audi R8’s aesthetics and exhaust note are also enhanced. The dual carbon fibre exhaust tailpipes allow the world to catch a glimpse of Akrapovič engineering at its finest, but it is the tone of the exhaust that lets admirers of performance know the exhaust is something truly special.

The Slip-On Line exhaust has been designed to avoid cabin drone associated with inferior replacement exhausts but at the same time enhance the sound of the V10 quattro engine without causing disruption to passenger cabin comfort. The tone of the exhaust can also be adjusted – from a pleasant growl at low revs to the famed Akrapovič race-like sound – with an optional Wireless Kit. This Akrapovič designed system allows the driver to override the standard electronics system via a single switch to operate the opening and closing of built-in Akrapovič twin butterfly exhaust tone-control valves.


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