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If your car is behaving inconsistently and you also have issues with its smooth running, it might be showing symptoms of the ignition coil failure. The coil gets power from the car generator and sends it to your spark plugs. This in turn ignites the fuel making your car run. The severity of the signs varies depending on which of the coils are failing.

If your car is backfiring, this also indicates early signs of a failing coil. This happens when the unutilized fuel is released via the exhaust system. If you don’t handle the problem, you risk your exhaust system damage, leading to avoidable and costly repairs. Your exhaust might give off a black smoke and the gasoline smells. Replace your ignition coil with any reliable coil such as Accel Super Coils.

Starting Problems
The high tension leads run between the spark plugs and the distributor. If one or more plugs do receive an appropriate quantity of charge the ignition coil fails. In case you have a problem starting your car in the cold, it is most likely that the ignition coil has failed.

Quick test
To check whether this is the issue, try to spark the high tension leads and each spark plug. If there is a spark going from any of the lead to each plug, then it is confirmed. Once again, look for proper ignition coil such as Accel Super Coils from your local dealership.

Worn out spark plugs
If your plugs are worn out, the ignition coil is forced to work at a higher output. You can reduce the chances of getting your ignition coil damaged by making sure that your sparks plugs are in an optimum condition. Some simple maintenance done on a regular basis can in fact help you save the money spent on the purchase of ignition coils in the long run.

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