ABT Sportsline AS4

The new Audi A4 is definitely the premium model of the middle class cars. All the more when it is additionally improved by Abt Sportsline. The exceptional vehicle shows self-confidently that it is a real winner. With the front skirt, accentuating the headlight area, the Abt AS4 appears aggressive and powerful.

Actually, the designers from Kempten managed to enhance the sporty charisma of the car without changing its elegant nature. Like the serial version coming from Ingolstadt, also the AS4 is a wonderful, very comfortable car for longer travels, but much sportier and more agile. Thanks to the well done body kit, one can see these strenghts.

Side skirts and fender insets harmonize with the striking front and the extremely dynamical rear. Impressive is the rear skirt inset underlining the effect of the mighty 4-pipe rear muffler. The rear spoiler is not only an interesting stylistic element, it also makes sure that the AS4 never loses grip.

For the A4, a range of ultra-modern engines is offered, and they all are a perfect basis for the engineers from Abt Sportsline. For example, the new 1.8 TFSI, upgraded with Abt Power from 160 HP (118 KW) to 200 HP (147 KW). The mighty torque of 310 Nm then offers the shear force. With Abt Power S the engine even provides sporty 240 hp (177 kW). Equally good choices are also the self-igniting engines. With Abt Power, the 2.0 TDI achieves 170 hp (125 kW), with Abt Power S even 200 hp (147 kW). The serial two liter Turbodiesel offers 143 hp (105 kW).

The Abt engineers know how to make reliable 230 hp (162 kW) out of the 2.7 TDI’s 190 hp (140 kW) (Abt Power), while they modify the strongest Diesel, the 3.0 TDI with 240 hp (175 kW), to maximum 300 hp (221 kW), thanks to Abt Power S. Then an enormous torque of 600 Nm is available. With Abt Power, also the three-liter Diesel becomes a real power pack. 270 hp (199 kW) and 550 Nm torque unveil the athlete in the AS4.

The Abt suspension springs, perfectly adjusted by Christian Abt, in particular the Abt thread sports suspension enables the car to confidently master every situation and offers a more agile and active driving behaviour. If need be, the Abt brake system (345 millimeter disc diameter) or the Abt sports brake system (diameter 380 millimeter) are powerfully operating.

Wheels from Abt Sportsline’s range are the perfect complement for the exceptional premium vehicle. No matter if the successful AR or the new BR wheel, no matter if in 18, 19 or 20 inch, the wheel creations designed in the Allgäu region exquisitely fit the AS4. As a matter of course, Abt also offers appropriate wheel-tyre sets for this car.

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