ABT S4 – the sports machine

ABT POWER even makes the already quick Audi S4 faster. Although the V6 compressor with three litre cubic capacity is already very sporty with its 333 HP (245kW), anyone who wants even more dynamism and torque can obtain a super sports car with the ABT S4: the decent-elegant car then brings 435 HP or 320 kW onto the road.

And the additional 102 horsepower, which are employed in the ABT S4, suit the car extremely well in terms of nutrition: it achieves 0-100km/h in 4.6 seconds, while in the series standard this takes 5.1 seconds. A half a second difference is an eternity for high-performance vehicles of this kind. The top speed is 282 km/h – and that is 32 km/h more than the Audi S4. This is because the engine, tuned by ABT Sportsline, is, of course, supplied without a V-max limit.

The torque of the engine optimised in Allgäu also appears to be as strong as an ox: instead of 440 Nm now 520 Nm are available – an increase of around 19 percent. As a result the 3.0 TFSI gets to work powerfully in any situation. The extra performance brings additional driving enjoyment and shows its superiority in practically all seven gears of the DSG gearbox. The consumption – and thereby the environmental pollution – is, however, no greater than with the series engine. On the other hand the driving-dynamic difference is revealed on main roads and motorways, as because the ABT S4 does everything even better, it is sportier.

Capable of a powerful acceleration to top speed, the six cylinders now get to business. The Allgäu tuner recommends the 4-pipe sports exhaust unit and the ABT AR or BR wheels as fitting supplements to the power image of the car. The smart “round pieces” are available in sizes from 18 to 20 inches and can be supplied with fitting sports tyres

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