ABT Level Control

“Saying that you enjoy driving is not emitting hot air, but even in automotive construction this element is a very dynamic one, if applied correctly“, says Hans-Jürgen Abt. What the managing director of the globally largest tuner of cars produced by the Volkswagen Group means becomes very obvious when you look at the new ABT Level Control, a very balanced electronic lowering for the pneumatically damped Audi A6/S6, A7/S7, A8/S8, Q7 and
VW Touareg.

The electronic module, carefully developed and balanced, lowers the center of gravity to a visually and technically ideal level. Every car model got its own set-up, perfectly geared to its individual character. For longer distances, a sufficient residual spring travel makes for much comfort. However, when putting the pedal to the metal on curvy roads the race-experienced ABT engineers’ expertise’s results are then fully revealed by the car’s faster pace.

To attain this development objective, the Bavarians tested and adjusted their ABT Level Control not only on their state-of-the-art testing bench but also on race tracks and on the road.
ABT Sportsline was thus able to ensure that the electronic stability and traction support systems are fully in line with the new specs. The default settings are still stored in the system and can be retrieved by the push of a button any time.

When it comes to active safety, ABT Level Control convinces through its extra agility, and in technical terms the delivered part certificate of conformity guarantees a high quality. How much fun this system can give you, you will best find out behind the wheel, of course. It may well take your breath away.

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