A4 Driving Challenge iPhone game v2.0

iphone game Audi of America today announced the release of version 2.0 of the popular “Audi A4 Driving Challenge” iPhone and iPod Touch application. The first version has been downloaded over 370,000 times since it was released in August.

Audi responded to consumer reviews and feedback for development of the second release. Upgrades include optimized graphics and enhanced game play. Further, skilled players will now be rewarded with the opportunity to unlock new models, including the A4 3.2L V6 and even the Audi R8 sports car. The application is now available free on Apple’s iTunes Application store. The 2009 Audi A4 is available in dealerships nationwide.

The precision performance driving game utilizes the iPhone’s accelerometer (motion sensor) to control the car through a series of progressively challenging courses. Players maneuver the course, honing reflexes, control and anticipation. The A4 Driving Challenge is the first ever iPhone application from an auto manufacturer.

“Consumer response to the first version of ‘Audi A4 Driving Challenge’ was phenomenal,” said Scott Keogh, chief marketing officer, Audi of America. “We took feedback from players and used it to craft an even better version this time around. Early reviews of 2.0 are very strong and the application is already back in the Top 10 Free Apps List.”

To support the application and the launch of the A4, Audi also created an A4 iPhone experience web site that allows users to learn more about the entirely new Audi A4. Consumers who visit truthinengineering.com/a4/iphone on their iPhone will find a unique interface and content on the A4, specialized videos, wallpapers, an exterior color customizer, a dealer locator and link to install the “Audi A4 Driving Challenge” application. Additionally, customers can visit A4.audiusa.com to view the iPhone optimized website showcasing the entirely new Audi A4.

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