3D Wheel configurator

Almost all wheel manufacturers provide some kind of wheel configurator showcasing a wide selection of wheel styles for you to choose from. Some allow you to discover the compatibility, the measures and all the technical information useful to purchase your new set of wheels.

Want to see how your custom wheels will look on your vehicle?

Most of the configurators are 2D or provide some kind of perspective of your car so you can better see the effect of the wheels on your car. Often they do not give you a correct image of how the wheels will look on your car. But now you can use a 3D wheel configurator for better experience during the process of finding the wheel of your choice.

3d wheel configurator

Dotz wheels may not have necessarily re-invented the wheel but they have re-invented online wheel configurators. You can choose your car model, and test different wheels, moving the car 360° around the entire car. Be it on your PC, tablet or smartphone. Other brands from the ALCAR holding also have identical 3D wheel configurators (AEZ, Enzo, Dezent, AllCar and Dotz).

This amazing 3D wheel configurator enables the user to configure hundreds of current car models with wheels and enjoy a realistic and vivid all-round view. You can also lower the suspension, change the colour of the car and the windows tinting.

For the Audi models there are also some interesting details like S-line packages and light effects that you could add to turn your model more real. The 3D models of the cars are also very realistic.

3D wheel configurator

3D Wheel configurators allow different lightsteps, perspectives, dark-light effects, concave surfaces and convex spokes to be more realistic. The smoothness of these 360° configurator is unparalleled, probably one of the bests available.

3D Wheel configurator

click to access Dotz wheel configurator
click to access AEZ wheel configurator

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